Industrial SU Variety
The SU Style coupling includes a single flex plane with two hubs and a single disc pack. It is appropriate for angular and axial misalignment only. Two SU couplings are sometimes combined having a shaft
to make a floating shaft coupling. The shaft could be hollow for extended light fat floating shaft couplings.
Industrial SX Sort
This is the normal coupling form that involves two hubs, a stock length spacer developed to meet business conventional lengths, and two unitized disc packs. The coupling has two flex planes, 1 at each and every disc pack, enabling this coupling to accommodate parallel, angular, and axial misalignment with specified limits. The coupling is accessible in six and 8 bolt designs and bore sizes up to 13 inches (330mm) around the biggest dimension. Customized spacer lengths might be produced to meet exclusive shaft separations required for specific applications. The SX coupling may be fitted with overload bushings to protect the disc packs in above torque ailments and might act as an anti-flail device. SX couplings are assembled at the time of installation within the products where the coupling will likely be in service.
Industrial DI Style
The DI Kind coupling includes a “Drop-In” spacer assembly that is definitely assembled at the factory. The coupling consists of two hubs plus a spacer assembly comprising from the spacer, two unitized disc packs, and two guard rings. The disc packs are bolted for the spacer and guard rings at the factory employing the torque values proposed by Lovejoy for your disc pack bolts. Together with the hubs mounted around the shafts, the entire disc pack assembly could be “Dropped In” place amongst the two hubs. The hubs are piloted to make certain suitable centering in the spacer assembly. This piloting serves as an anti-flail characteristic and aids in the coupling’s capability to meet the balance requirements mandated by API. This design coupling is designed to meet the balance and anti-flail demands specified in API-610.
Oversized, or Jumbo, hubs can be found for use with the DI Sort coupling to permit for more substantial bore sizes on most DI coupling sizes. This permits for your use of smaller DI couplings in applications where a smaller dimension coupling can still accommodate the application torque.
Industrial SXC Kind
The SXC Variety is the close coupled variation in the SX Kind coupling. The SXC is similar to the SX coupling in that the disc packs are connected when the coupling is put in. From the close coupled units, the hubs are turned inward and are mounted inside the spacer. Note that using the hubs inside the spacer, the maximum bore permitted within the hub will probably be decreased. The SXC couplings can be used with a single or the two hubs turned outward to permit the coupling to accommodate distinct shaft separations.
Industrial SXCS and SXCST Styles
The SXCS and SXCST Varieties have split spacers as well as disc packs may be serviced or eliminated with out moving the hubs around the shafts and without moving the gear. The SXCS Sort has the bolts that connect the hubs to your split spacer set up from your ends of your couplings. The SXCST possess the bolts put in from inside the spacer pointing outward in the direction of the hubs.
More Types