Product Description


Product Description

HDPE quick straight connector plastic fittings for Farm Irrigation System

     The straight compression fitting production line for pipe fittings is designed for applications in the fields of fluid transportation, water transportation, and drinking water distribution. This product line meets the strictest international standards for agricultural irrigation and garden system connection irrigation.

1. Light weight, easy to load and unload.
2. Good  chemicals and drugs resistance.
3. Small resistance to fluidity.
4. Strong mechanical strength.
5. Good electrical insulation.
6. Water quality unaffected.
7. Simple installation.


Product Parameters

Product List

Code product name size
pcs/pe carton Material 
TLK-HS-11 Male-Thread Coupling 20 1700 HDPE
25 1100 HDPE
32 700 HDPE
40 400 HDPE
50 260 HDPE
25*1/2″ 1100 HDPE
32*3/4″ 700 HDPE
40*1 1/2″ 400 HDPE


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Company Profile

     ZheJiang HangZhou Shuofeng Plastic Products Factory, formerly known as ZheJiang HangZhou CHINAMFG Plastic Products Factory, is a professional manufacturer of various pipeline Haffen Festival products such as PE Haffen Festival, PVC Haffen Festival, Haffen Festival, inner rotating nozzle, outer rotating nozzle, farmland irrigation outlet, additional interface, and Trumac pipe fittings. Our factory has a strong technical force, with a complete set of advanced production equipment and technical personnel with over 20 years of production experience. Our patented product, which is developed and produced by our factory, is a convenient and debuggable union pipe fitting. While maintaining the original performance of the pipe fittings, it perfectly solves the connection methods such as threading, welding, bonding, and electric melting that are necessary for pipeline installation and maintenance. This makes pipeline installation and maintenance simple and easy, changes the heavy labor working environment and complex installation processes, and improves work efficiency several times, reducing the costs of special tools, equipment, and professionals, Adapt to the requirements of green environmental protection. Created and developed the pipe fitting industry, with convenient, fast, efficient, and energy-saving new processes for pipeline installation and maintenance. This product is suitable for various pipeline projects such as water, heating, and chemical engineering. Currently, the company has developed and produced plastic pipe fittings in 10 specifications and dozens of varieties. Widely used for installation and maintenance of pipeline engineering in construction, chemical, petroleum, and other fields.
     For many years, our factory has always adhered to the business philosophy of “practicality and efficiency, innovation, quality first, integrity first, and customer demand as the core”. While focusing on local market development, we have set up a direct sales point in HangZhou, covering more than 20 provinces across the country. 




1.What is your minimum order quantity?


Our minimum order quantity is usually 5 boxes, with sizes ranging from 20-63mm.


2. What is your production time each time?


The production time is approximately 15-30 days.


3. What are your payment terms?


We accept 50% prepayment T/T, 50% pre shipment payment, or 100% letter of credit.


4. What is the loading port?


We ship the goods to ZheJiang or Port of HangZhou.


5.What is the address of your company?


Our company is located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China. Welcome to visit our factory.


6. How about the sample?


We can send you samples for free, and you will need to pay the courier fee.


If there are too many samples, you will also need to bear the sample fee.

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jaw coupling

Usage of Jaw Couplings for Motor-to-Shaft and Shaft-to-Shaft Connections

Jaw couplings are versatile components that can be used for both motor-to-shaft and shaft-to-shaft connections in mechanical power transmission systems. Their design and features make them suitable for various applications:

  • Motor-to-Shaft Connection: When connecting a motor to a driven shaft, jaw couplings are commonly used to transmit torque from the motor to the driven equipment. The motor’s shaft is inserted into one side of the jaw coupling, and the driven shaft is inserted into the other side. The elastomeric spider element in the coupling provides a flexible connection that accommodates misalignment and dampens vibrations, ensuring smooth power transmission from the motor to the driven shaft.
  • Shaft-to-Shaft Connection: In cases where two shafts need to be connected directly, without a motor or other driving element, jaw couplings can be used for shaft-to-shaft connections. Both shafts are inserted into the respective sides of the jaw coupling, and the elastomeric spider element bridges the gap between them. This enables torque transfer between the two shafts while compensating for any misalignment that may exist.

Whether used for motor-to-shaft or shaft-to-shaft connections, jaw couplings offer the same advantages, including misalignment compensation, vibration dampening, and backlash-free operation (depending on the design). These features make them suitable for various applications across different industries, where reliable and efficient power transmission is essential.

jaw coupling

Can jaw couplings be used in applications with high shock and impact loads?

Yes, jaw couplings can be used in applications with high shock and impact loads, but their suitability depends on the specific design and construction of the coupling as well as the magnitude and frequency of the shock and impact loads. Jaw couplings are known for their ability to handle certain levels of shock and vibration due to the presence of the elastomer spider, which acts as a damping element to absorb and dissipate vibrations. However, there are some important considerations to take into account when using jaw couplings in high shock and impact load applications:

  1. Coupling Material: The choice of coupling material is crucial in applications with high shock and impact loads. Couplings made from robust materials, such as steel or alloy, provide better resistance to deformation and can handle higher impact forces compared to couplings made from less sturdy materials.
  2. Elastomer Spider: The elastomer spider is the central element of the jaw coupling and is responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations. It is essential to select an elastomer spider with the appropriate hardness and resilience for the specific application. Harder elastomers can withstand higher loads but may transmit more vibration, while softer elastomers offer better shock absorption but have lower torque capacity. Choosing the right elastomer hardness is a trade-off between shock absorption and torque transmission requirements.
  3. Operating Conditions: Consider the operating conditions, such as the frequency and magnitude of shock and impact loads, when selecting a jaw coupling. For applications with intermittent or occasional shock loads, standard jaw couplings with moderate shock absorption capabilities may suffice. However, for continuous or severe shock loads, specialized high-torque jaw couplings with enhanced shock absorption properties might be more suitable.
  4. Regular Maintenance: In high shock and impact load applications, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance and inspections to identify any signs of wear, fatigue, or damage to the coupling components. Regular maintenance ensures that the coupling remains in good working condition and minimizes the risk of unexpected failures due to excessive loading.
  5. Consider Alternative Couplings: While jaw couplings can handle certain levels of shock and impact loads, some applications with exceptionally high loads may require more specialized couplings, such as grid couplings, gear couplings, or disc couplings. These couplings are designed explicitly for heavy-duty applications with high shock and impact loads and can offer superior performance and reliability under such conditions.

In conclusion, jaw couplings can be used in applications with high shock and impact loads, but the specific coupling design, material, elastomer hardness, and operating conditions must be carefully considered. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of the coupling are essential to ensure reliable performance and longevity in challenging operating environments with significant shock and impact loads.

jaw coupling

Types of Jaw Coupling Designs

Jaw couplings come in various designs to meet different application requirements. The main types include:

  • One-Piece Jaw Coupling: This design consists of a single piece of material, typically made of steel or aluminum. It offers simplicity and compactness, making it suitable for light to medium-duty applications.
  • Two-Piece Jaw Coupling: This design features two separate hubs with a flexible spider placed in between. The two-piece design allows for easier assembly and disassembly, making it convenient for maintenance and replacement of the elastomeric spider.
  • Three-Piece Jaw Coupling: In this design, the coupling includes three parts: two hubs and an insert. The hubs are typically made of metal, while the insert is an elastomeric element (spider). Three-piece jaw couplings provide better damping of vibrations and are commonly used in applications where vibration isolation is crucial.
  • Customizable Jaw Coupling: Some manufacturers offer customizable jaw couplings, allowing customers to choose different hub styles, materials, and spider hardness to tailor the coupling’s performance for specific applications.

Each design has its advantages and is selected based on factors such as torque requirements, misalignment compensation, and ease of maintenance.

China factory Black HDPE Compression Fittings External Male-Thread Coupling  China factory Black HDPE Compression Fittings External Male-Thread Coupling
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