1613844400  worm gearbox for motor  sales  China 1613844300  in Gold Coast Australia  Gear Motor for Air Compressor Gear Set with top quality

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Production information

Brief introduction of screw air compressor gear wheel

material:stainless steel

Gear 1622057100/1622002600
Gear 1622311064/1622311063
Gear 1614935710/1614930000
Gear 1622311033/1622311034
Gear 1622311059/1622311060
Gear 1622004000/1622003900
Gear 1622311065/1622311066
Gear 1622311017/1622311018
Gear 1614931200/1614931300
Gear 1613396510/1613396500
Gear 1622003500/1622003600
Gear 1622077015/1622077016
Gear 1613965000/1613965100
Gear 1622311055/1622311056
Gear 1622311571/1622311571
Gear 162257100/1622057100
Gear 1622057100/162257100
Gear 1622057100/1622057100
Gear 162257100/1622003000
Gear 1622003300/1622003400
Gear 1622003900/1622004000
Gear 162200430/1622004400
Gear 1622004500/1622004600
Gear 1622005500/1622005600
Gear 162205710/1622004800
Gear 1622004900/1622005000
Gear 162205710/1622005200
Gear 162205710/1622005400



Chain Wheel Sprocket:
1.European Standard and American Standard.
2.Processing: Forging hobbing,Quenching,CNC Machining.
Small Spur Gear:



1. Strict quality inspection during every production step from producing to the ending pac ept process.
2. Exporting products with good quality and best price.
3.Excellent customers using report from both domestic marketing and abroad.
4. The using of advanced processing technology of milling teeth , tooth shape to make more accurate. And the whole process modulated heat, greatly improve the comprehensive mechanical properties. Tooth hardness above 40-60HRC, the wear resistance of the sprocket improve.
5. Variety of sprockets can be processed to meet your requirements,standard sprockets (DIN. ANSI. KANA);Non-standard sprockets (especially the OEM is most welcome).
6.The original designs is available(we can design the items base on your requirements).
7. Our extensive knowledge and experience with sprocket drives allows us to work together with our customers to solve the problem and help improve the longevity and performance of your chain drive. We have the knowledge, resources and stock to solve those problems and annoying issues. The production of high precision and long life of the product is always our top priority.

Pac ept and shipping


our services

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

1-stop purchasing

Cheap, fast and efficient


                             Business scope
Mechanical Seal :
Temperature Sensor Pressure Sensor
Maintenance Kits Solenoid Valve Thermostatic Valve
Air intake Wheel Gear
Pressure Maintaining   Valve
Air Filter Oil Separator Oil Filter
Oil Level Indicator Circuit Board Master Control Air intake valve
Used air compressor Air-end Oil level indicator


why us

    1.24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    2.1-stop purchasing

    3.Cheap, fast and efficient

    4.adequate stocks

    5.12 years experiences

    6. Seriously quality control

    7.Superb technique

Appendix—part no. list of our products.

NO Model Description P/N
1 GA11-22 Unloading valve kit 295715711
2 Min pressure valve kit 2957100600
3 Drain valve kit 2957171200
4 GA30-37-45 Drain valve kit 2957121900
5 Min pressure valve kit 2957121800
6 Check valve kit 2957121200
7 Oil stop valve kit 2957121700
8 Unloading valve kit 2957121100
9 Thermostat valve kit 1619733300
10 GA55-75-90C Oil check valve kit 2957107200
11 Check valve kit 2957107700
12 Min pressure valve kit 2957121800
13 Unloading valve kit 2957144800
14 Thermostat valve kit 2957107400
15 Drain valve kit 2957184500
16 Drain valve kit 295715710
17 Oil stop valve kit 2901108400
18 Unloading valve kit 2957129900
19 GA90-250 Test valve kit 2906009300
20 Oil check valve kit 2906009400
21 Min pressure valve kit 2906009600
22 Regulating valve kit 290605710
23 Thermostat valve kit 1619756000
24 Unloading valve kit 2906056300
25 Connector kit 290657100
26 Drain valve kit 2957174900
27 GA22+ Unloading valve kit 2957116100(with blow off valve)
28 Unloading valve kit 2957116100(without blow off valve)
29 Check valve kit 2957150301
  Oil stop valve kit 2957121701
30 Min pressure valve kit 2901145300
31 Thermostat valve kit 2901161600
32 GA37+ Unloading valve kit 2901162200(with blow off valve)
33 Unloading valve kit 2901162200(without blow off valve)
34 Check valve kit 2957150301
35 Oil stop valve kit 2901108401
36 Min pressure valve kit 2901145300
37 Thermostat valve kit 2901161600
38 GA75+ Unloading valve kit 2901146300(with blow off valve)
39 Unloading valve kit 2901146300(without blow off valve)
40 Check valve kit 2957150301
41 Oil stop valve kit 2901108401
42 Min pressure valve kit 2901145300
43 Thermostat valve kit 1622375980

No matter what you want, just send me your part no. , favorable price will be quoted immediately. our goal is to “provide the best products and services to our customers”

  1.High Quality With Favorable Price
We ensure that  the parts we offer are met your needs with high quality , but the prices are much lower than the original parts, since we specialized in this field for over 10 years,  can provide a full range of air compressor parts with favorable prices.

  2.High work Effiency With Fast Delivery
We have a professional team with strong warehousing and distribution capacity, so we’re able to be faster than other suppliers in efficiency.

Payment method

The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed replacement parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

1613844400  worm gearbox for motor  sales  China 1613844300  in Gold Coast Australia  Gear Motor for Air Compressor Gear Set with top quality

1613844400  worm gearbox for motor  sales  China 1613844300  in Gold Coast Australia  Gear Motor for Air Compressor Gear Set with top quality